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I wanted to let your company know that I’ve seen great results using your Body power Powder. Thank you for making an affordable product for a struggling college student like myself.
Anil Gupta - New Delhi

I have been using your products, specifically Body power Powder as well as the Body power capsules. The results have been great and I look forward to seeing new products and flavors in the future. Kudos on the products and keep up the good work!
Sahil Sharma - Mumbai

Being a middle aged man I thought that regular diet will not cope up with my strenous daily routine at my work place and at home.It was then that I browsed thro' your sexual wellness products and after analysing various products their manufacturers and reviews I decided upon to go in for Shilajit Plus capsules. The very next day after receiving the consignment I started having the pills just one capsule daily and within 3 days I could feel the change. Usually I used to feel totally drained off at the end of the day. But now I feel still more energy left within me and could still have good time with mey freinds and family members.Overall I am happy with the capsules and also satisfied that such a reasonably priced wellness product can be effective also.
Mohit Suri - Noida

I started taking More Memory capsules about a week ago, and the results have been AMAZING!!! I'm a person that might be considered ADD, because my mind wanders a lot, and I tend to get bored easy.

Well, after taking this stuff for about a week, I went from being about to study about 2-3 hours tops, to being able to study 20 HOURS in ONE DAY!!! I'm not sure for a fact that it's the More Memory capsules, but I'm almost positive it is, because that's the only thing I've done differently. Studying has become Effortless, and Even fun!

I can sit and go over what would probably be considered to be Boring, or Tedious subjects, without getting tired of, and without strain.
Vinay Kant - Chandigarh

I love the soft, clean feeling of Face care capsules. I have been using this product for many years and every time I stop using it I can feel the difference in skin texture.
Gunjan Tiwari - Hyderabad

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