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Diabetes occurs as a result of lack of insulin secretion by the beta cells of pancreas or of the defect of insulin receptors. Dio Free capsules is an effective herbal formulation for the management of diabetes. Dio Free helps in lowering blood sugar level & stimulate the secretion of insulin.

Dio Free capsules give strength & improves the function of kidneys & liver. Relives from symptoms like excessive frequency of passing the urine, excessive hunger, excessive thirst, feeling tired & weak most of the time.

Dio Free helps in preventing & reducing the chances of organic impotency associated with diabetes in both male & female. It increases resistance, brings back lost vigor & vitality.

Dio Free contains such minerals in natural form which are very useful for diabetic. Dio Free is useful for diabetic neuropathy (numbness in the feet) & acts as nervine tonic.

Dio Free capsule may be used along with allopathic medicines side by side. Dio Free is safe & free from side effects. Dio Free can safely be used by diabetic B.P. patients. There is no risk of hypoglycamia due to Dio Free.