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Natural glow, fairness, freshness and beauty of the skin are enhanced by Face Care Capsules. The beauty of the skin in immensely nourished, blackheads, acne, freckles, scars, dryness, dark circles and puffiness of eyes, dark complexion etc. are removed and the skin becomes bright with its use. It makes the skin externally and internally strong and well nourished. It helps in the development of every organ of the body as required. It awakens the feeling of beauty in you by removing old age wrinkles.

Face Care Capsules maintains the ph of the skin at a level which prevents dehydration and under nourishment of the skin. It prevents the Sun’s ultra violet rays from harming the skin. It removes blood impurities and regulates the internal function of the skin and as a result of which the complexion of face and body becomes naturally smooth, healthy, glowing and radiant and your body and face amazingly clean and fresh. You get a beautiful radiant complexion like never before.


One Capsule Thrice daily with water or milk or fruit juice to enhance your complexion in the most natural way. Take the capsule continuously for 30 days and feel the difference (For better results, it is advised to continue the treatment regularly for 3 months).

* The Product is equally beneficial for both men & women.