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Advancing age, lack of excercise, stress, prolonged use of various medication, heavy smoking, alcohalism etc. can lead to decrease in desire and vitality. In ayurveda valuable herbs known for relieving sexual problems are described in details. In ”Vajikaran Chapter” of ”Charak Sanhita” the herbs and minerals are mentioned which help to lead a healthy sexual life. After extensive study of all these herbs Gold Night Capsule has been specially formulated . It strengthens muscles of vital body organs of reproductive system.

Along with Gold Night Oil massage the use of Gold Night capsule is very useful in general weakness, vigour and vitality. It is equally helpful in both youth and aged persons as rasayan and rejuvenating. Gold Night capsule is safe & harmless, it has no side effects.


1 to 2 capsules twice a day with milk or water after food.