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Ayurvedic Capsules

According to Ayurveda ”HEIGHT PLUS” capsule is an important and effective combination of herbs that cures gland related diseases.

It improves blood circulation of human body, thus activate the glands and establishes power for its smooth functioning. Due to improper functioning of liver, our poorly fed glands stop the development of our body. A regular consumption of ”HEIGHT PLUS” capsules improves liver and the process of digestion and also activate the gland too. The muscles and glands of the body experience a smooth flow and circulation of blood. It re-establishes the sensitivity of anaemic nerve centers which results in natural growth and physical development. ”HEIGHT PLUS” capsules make the body active and provide ample energy. It strengthens the bones and skeleton structure. Because of smooth functioning of liver, the formation of pure blood gets boosted. It retrieves glow on the face and makes it more charming. It cures general weakness and contributes towards the development of body.


  • This preparation is purely Ayurvedic and is found to be free from any side-effect.
  • Do not take the medicine empty stomach.
  • Avoid fried and junk food during the usage of medicine.
  • Don’t take any other food item half and hour after and half an hour before consuming the medicine.
  • Exercise like Jogging, Chin-up, Yoga, Stretching and Free hand Aerobics are beneficial when going for Height Plus Capsules.