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LUKONIL is a special formula prepared out of the purest Ayurvedic ingredients which is effective against white discharge, bleeding and is equally beneficial in treatment of all the diseases of women. It is very effective in preventing the thick, foul & sticky discharge or light yellow thin discharge. In case of any type of vaginal discharge, LUKONIL along with alum mixed in luke warm water should be used for vaginal wash at least once a day. The use of alum water should be discontinued after 3-4 days. Other than all forms of leucorrhoea, LUKONIL provides relief in case of backache, leg pain, headache, laziness, weakness, deficiency of blood (anemia), irregular menstural cycle, scanty or excessive or pain prior to and during menstural cycle, cramps in the tubes etc.


Take one capsule with water morning & evening after meals nearly for a month or as directed by the physician.


Avoid jaggery, chillies, sour, fried food and intoxicants.