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For a blessful and happy married life mind should be stress less and body should be in good health. But due to mental pressure & heavy workload men lose their Vigour & Vitality resulting in flabby, loose and weak genital organs.

After deep researches & studying verious herbs we have created a rejuvenating ’Piyagra Oil’ Which is specifically baneficial for massage on the genital organs for men. It is helpful in muscular weakness of genital organs in males. It gives strength & stamina to genital organs in men.

Alongwith Piyagra Oil massage, the use of Piyagra Capsule is very useful in general weakness, vigour & vitality. It is equally helpful in both youth and aged persons as rasayan & rejuvenating. Piyagra Oil is purely herbal, safe & harmless and it has no side effects