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Relax Forte is an authentic ayurvedic remedy from the house of Surjichem Herbs India, a preparation that has been specially formulated and scientifically processed to meet the needs of all those suffering from joint pains as well as their associated ailments. Beneficial in providing quick relief from all joint pains this specialized products has the power to soothe the affected parts and relax the joints, thus including mobility and flexibility

Use primarily for gaining instant relief from all joint pains, it is a formulation that contains a pack of useful and active ingredients such as Gandhpura, Kapoor, Shwet Chandan, Satavar etc. that work on the affected area to provide an instant feeling of relief and well-being. Plus, it helps curb the inflammation that often sets in the joints.

Its Triple Action Formula

  • Super Quick Penetration to joints
  • Effective Analgesic Action
  • Anti-Swelling Action

People in the age group of 30 and above will find this product extremely useful for joint pains associated with Cervical-Spondylitis, Stiff neck, Frozen Shoulder, Backaches, Muscular Sprains and Spasms, Lumbago, Sciatica, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Fibrositis etc.

Prevalent in both Oil and Capsules form 1-2 Relax Forte capsules are consumed twice or thrice a day with milk or as directed by the physician .

Relax Forte Oil is used as massage oil applied on the affected area till gently absorbed (The oil is not to be used on broken or sensitive area of the skin). Keep the pack tightly closed after use.

Relax Forte Oil

An ayurvedic medicine completely side-effect free. Relax Forte is avilable in 50 capsules and 50 ml. pack each and is priced economically to suit those who are in search for the perfect traditionally prepared Ayurvedic Medication. Nutrition and Health essentials for all these who need to tone up their sensitive joints.

  • Include Spinach, Sweet Lime, Sprouts, Liver and milk in your diet.
  • Avoid taking sour food such as tamarind and lime.
  • Try not consuming ice creams, sweets, fried food, potatoes, cold drink and rice as a staple diet.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Wear warm clothing and do not exercise in cold temperatures. Try out hand Exercised in warm water.
  • Take the advise of a specialist in pursuing exercises as per the body’s flexibility and allowance