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RELAX FORTE is a unique combination of time tested Ayurvedic ingredients, scientifically processed and formulated to give instant relief from all joint pains, Unlike other Anti-Rheumatic products, Relax Forte has every useful and active ingredients which work on the affected site to provide a sure Three way relief.

  • Effective analgesic action
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Double Quick Joint penetration


Arthritis, fibrositis, lumbago, sciatica, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulders, stiff necks, backaches, muscular sprains & spasms.


Arthritis is a chronic disease which involves pain and often inflammation in the joints. It usually sets in with ageing and if untreated, can lead to permanent deformity in the affected joint and an eventual loss of mobility.

There is no cure for Arthritis but Relax Forte can help to relieve pain.


  • Include spinach, sweet lime, sprouts, liver and milk in you diet.
  • Avoid taking sour food such as tamarind and lime.
  • Avoid ice-crams, sweets, fried food, potatoes, rice as a staple diet and cold-drinks.